Northern Telecommunications Consultants, Inc. can field inventory and calculate loads for existing poles and calculate the impact of adding conductors, cables or equipment to these poles. A full report for each pole will include total loading percents with individual summaries for each component on the pole, and a pole loading acceptance rating based on the National Electric Safety Code (NESC). The report will indicate the section of any pole that is overloaded, or the reserve capacity of the pole. Each load will be shown as a percent of pole capacity as well as providing information regarding stress along the length of the pole. 


This service is intended to save utility companies money by specifying the correct pole size in new construction or change out requests, and/or to determine if existing poles will handle additional cables, conductors or equipment. NTC will develop a joint use attachment package, for pole owner attachment approvals.


Related services include pole route profiles, NESC infraction reviews and preparation of utility pole attachment request forms. NTC can also calculate the foundation (soil) stability of poles, which includes soil bearing stress based on RUS and IEEE approved standards. The results allow the utility to translate pole strength related to the below ground applied loads which give a soil pressure versus pole strength comparison. NTC can customize Pole Loading Calculation services to meet any client’s needs, for example: extreme wind and ice loading conditions, non-standard equipment attachments, class of construction grade, NESC Alternate or GO 95 codes. Pole loading summary reports can be generated with non-technical graphics, digital photography and charts, which provide easy to understand pole-loading data.

NTC has developed our own software for modeling loads as well as using the latest commercial software including Osmose Ocalc Pro, Sag 10, PLS Pole.

You are probably familiar with the results of improper pole loading: service outages, lost revenue, lost customers, danger to the communities you intend to serve, and the cost of replacing poles and the equipment on them. NTC’s pole loading calculations and engineering services can help you avoid these problems.

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