Cable landing in Narrow Cape Alaska, Aero Space launch complex, Kodiak Alaska, after extensive permitting.
NTC has extensive knowledge and experience in processing Municipal, State, Local and 
Federal permits. NTC'S experience includes working with NEPA, ESA, Clean Water Act, and Marine Mammal Protection Act, organized fishing groups and land owners. We have working level experience in regulatory permitting and compliance. We have professional contacts with regulators to ensure timely review and processing of permits. Examples of licenses or permits we have acquired are:

Tribal Corporations

• Municipal and Borough Permits

• DOT and Public Facilities

• Coastal Zone

• State Fish and Game

• FCC Licensing

• Army Corp of Engineers

• Department of Environmental Conservation

• Department of Natural Resources

• Fish and Wildlife

Whale Harvest in Barrow Alaska while coordinating avoidance of local substance hunting areas during undersea route selection.  

NTC's permitting agents are responsible for directing both multi-discipline staff personnel and specialized subcontractors in preparation of work products.

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Anchorage Alaska 99507

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