331 East 87th Avenue, Suite 201
Anchorage Alaska 99507

Main Number: 907-522-9400
Fax: 907-522-9402

Email: ntc@gci.net


As a company based out of Alaska and having been involved in many of the major utility cable and communication work in the north Pacific and Alaska, NTC has the knowledge and experience to design, construct, and maintain systems in the most severe conditions. In addition, NTC posses the Alaskan spirit of finding ways to solve problems and getting the job done in the most efficient and reliable manner possible. Because of this spirit, experience and knowledge, you can be confident that you are getting the most reliable, honest, dedicated team possible. Some of NTC’s Outside Plant capabilities include:

Launching the skiff from the R/V Thunder in route to perform a remote location shore landing design, Williams Port, Alaska.

• Terrestrial Route Design and Construction

• Cable Installation, Splicing and Testing

• Innerduct / Subduct Installation.com

• Directional Boring

• Terminal Station Site Prep and Infrastructure

• Terminal Station Design and Construction

• Prefabricated Shelter Design and Construction

• Manhole, Handhole and Cable Vault Supply

  and Installation

• Aerial Cable Design and Installation

• Splicing and testing of fiber optic network

• Backhaul Design and Construction

• NOCC design and operations

• Routine terrestrial maintenance

• Emergency restoration response

• Network provisioning and management

• Co-location access and oversight

• Power Feed Earth ground (PFE) system

• Power conductor and beach jointing

10100 Hampton Circle
Anchorage Alaska 99507

Email: ntc@gci.net
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