Computer Aided Drafting services provide an inexpensive yet highly accurate way to represent your ideas and plans. Knowledge of the telecommunications industry makes our drafters efficient and a real asset to any project.

Northern Telecommunications Consultants, Inc. and our associates, CCS Inc., specialize in GIS and AM/FM CAD conversions and mass record capture projects in AutoCAD, , or other GIS platforms. NTC’s advanced software and highly trained employees capture land base items and items of plant symbology, and tie attributes manually or with GPS time / spatial related attributes in a true RUS or Universal (all other Bell type) program. To date, CCS, Inc. and Northern Telecommunications Consultants Inc. have successfully converted, verified and captured thousands of square miles of Land Base and Facility records for numerous operating companies. Northern Telecommunications Consultants, Inc. is prepared to assist in any particular phase of a company’s ongoing conversion or data capture project.

10100 Hampton Circle
Anchorage Alaska 99507

Email: ntc@gci.net
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